On Vietnam Travel Forum : Uniquely New Dance of the Muong, Yen Bai

After few weeks in Europe, I am back.
It seems lazy, but I found this post very interesting about the Muong culture in Yen Bai.

“This dance is for children to thank their ancestors past year has been blessed, sheltered children thriving, having much luck, good weather and air, lush crop, pushed the grain, the healthy children …

Muong Yen Bai residents concentrated in the districts of Van Chan and Tran Yen, Van Yen. The Muong are the traditional rice cultivation from very early to their residence are often the valleys, coastal plains, stream … Treasure of the Muong ethnic culture is rich and diverse dances New traditional dance, drum dance Tu, dancing fairies, dancing booths, dance tube. Particularly in rural New dance Ao Luang II, Son A, Van Chan district can be seen as the most characteristic dances for the Muong and the system is part dance dance “Sacred” because of the presence of his mo.

According to some elders in the village told, cart had long ago, does anyone remember from when. Just know that every year, on the occasion of New Year (3 rd December), people gathered together to dance to invite the ancestors to earth fun, dancing with children. This dance is for children to thank their ancestors past year has been blessed, sheltered children thriving, having much luck, good weather and air, lush crop, pushed the grain, the healthy children …

The festival officially takes place at his home big Mo, Mo Home (exclamation) is his most prestigious Mo in the village. Prior to his house to prepare Mo decorated a tree if many vignettes bring spiritual meaning.

The offerings in the New Dance Festival include: Wheels worship ceremony (in Muong called “Pan Shave”) offerings include: a pig head, bread vegetarian (vegetarian Peng), cake display (Peng securities), gear pipe (tube Peng), rice, sticky rice, vegetarian vegetable, asparagus, papaya leaf, 1 complaint banana wine. And sacrifice is very important in this festival is cotton, Muong language called “Need deck.”

Start the ceremony, Mr. Mo wear traditional clothes, wrapped head to New, hand fans, mats to sit between a regional center. Master Mo behalf of everyone involved in the festival front wheels offer vows, vows of great faith “Today good day good month, the dance festival held visualize New, first thank god, ancestor in the past year bless the children were one year do have much luck, good weather and air, lush crops …”. Dance with the great oracle of the god that he first entered to play with children. Once entered, the oracles will dance tune spinning top wobbles, shaking legs feel like coming up off the ground, he entered the mouth just dance just dance songs quietly.

When I enter the complete mo people started to dance to the rhythm of the first type drums, gongs, dance betel nut (also known as dancing fairies). This dance is invited to the fairy oracles of heaven down to festival fun dancing with her son’s version. The dance is mainly six artisans dressed in traditional cloths, Everything over his shoulder, when the New towel dance will be moved from shoulder to hand to dance props. The artist is holding a musical instrument to create sounds bustling, it’s the long bamboo stick, a wooden tap to the rhythm of 3-4 with the sound of drums and gongs. But some artists out for new songs. In this dance, the dancers are dancing to the music at each other. The dance takes place in about 15 to 20 minutes.

This is New dances, the child was found not to have cured the weights on Tet holidays are invited to stay for dance teachers happy. At this, everyone involved with the dance moves simple, not complex. They move to the rhythm of 2-4 feet squeezed into the hand towel to each region to left and vice versa. People with passionate dance, dance on repeated from the original position to move in a circle and then rotate back.

Followed by dancing “Wedding Season” (eventually acquired) or Spirit to play first. This is the best swing dance, dance meant that the fairy in the sky have heard words of worship professed descendants should have entered the earth the same play. Oracles at this time dancing with everyone just has to name all together for fun, join the dance.

The Spirit dances down the earth happy with this, there is a very special part is the “shadow” of the oracles, the girls are very excited to welcome this forward by the words of Master Mo said some of the beautiful girl, sure was, cleverly and work involved preparing the cotton will be selected and said he was the best skill that makes the most beautiful flowers.

After a fun dance, Mr. Mo would signal to people switch to describe the dance and sports games, the games are mostly throwing, swinging, tug of dance beats … Done enter final test the teacher, this time he stood up Mo dance movements with different views of the movements were dancing before, the teasing of the girls and the girls were chasing the sun.

End, all gather together, wish each cup of wine and appointments in the fairy will come back happy with the Muong.

New dance festival is traditionally carry great significance in cultural and spiritual life of the Muong ethnic minority here. The aspirations and dreams of life freely to reach prosperity, happiness and love praising the Muong couples were introduced into the tune’s long arms and will remain in existence before the flow of time “


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